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    Ludwigia (plant)

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    Ludwigia-Flower-Fruit-080310lw.jpg  Ludwigia (plant) - Chi Ludwigia (plant) 220px Ludwigia Flower Fruit 080310lw
    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Plantae
    (unranked): Angiosperms
    (unranked): Eudicots
    (unranked): Rosids
    Order: Myrtales
    Family: Onagraceae
    Subfamily: Ludwigioideae
    Genus: Ludwigia
    See text.

    Ludwigia (primrose-willow, water-purslane, or water-primrose) is a genus of about 82 species of aquatic plants with a cosmopolitan but mainly tropical distribution.

    Selected species

    • Ludwigia adscendens
    • Ludwigia alata
    • Ludwigia alternifolia
    • Ludwigia anastomosans
    • Ludwigia arcuata
    • Ludwigia bonariensis
    • Ludwigia brevipes
    • Ludwigia curtissii
    • Ludwigia decurrens
    • Ludwigia erecta
    • Ludwigia glandulosa
    • Ludwigia grandiflora
    • Ludwigia helminthorrhiza
    • Ludwigia hirtella
    • Ludwigia hexapetala
    • Ludwigia hyssopifolia
    • Ludwigia inclinata
    • Ludwigia lanceolata
    • Ludwigia leptocarpa
    • Ludwigia linearis
    • Ludwigia linifolia
    • Ludwigia longifolia
    • Ludwigia maritima
    • Ludwigia microcarpa
    • Ludwigia natans
    • Ludwigia octovalvis
    • Ludwigia palustris
    • Ludwigia peploides
    • Ludwigia peruviana
    • Ludwigia pilosa
    • Ludwigia polycarpa
    • Ludwigia ravenii
    • Ludwigia repens
    • Ludwigia sedioides
    • Ludwigia simpsonii
    • Ludwigia spathulata
    • Ludwigia sphaerocarpa
    • Ludwigia suffruticosa
    • Ludwigia virgata

    At current, there is much debate among botanists and plant taxonomists as to the classification of many Ludwigia species. Botanists from the US Department of Agriculture are currently doing genetic analyses on plants from the Western US and South America to better classify members of this genus.

    The genus was named by Carl Linnaeus after Christian Gottlieb Ludwig (1709-1773), a German botanist, who was apparently not amused by this honour.[citation needed]

    External links

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    Species from this Genus – Các cây trong Chi này: