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    Lycopodiella inundata 005.jpg  Lycopodiella - Chi Lycopodiella 240px Lycopodiella inundata 005
    Lycopodiella inundata
    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Plantae
    Division: Lycopodiophyta
    Class: Lycopodiopsida
    Order: Lycopodiales
    Family: Lycopodiaceae
    Genus: Lycopodiella
    See text.

    Lycopodiella is a genus in the clubmoss family Lycopodiaceae. The genus members are commonly called bog clubmosses, describing their wetlandhabitat. There are 38 species; the distribution is cosmopolitan, with centres of diversity in the tropical New World and New Guinea. In the past, the genus was often incorporated within the related genus Lycopodium.

    Species in Lycopodiella

    • Lycopodiella affinis (Africa, southern Asia)
    • Lycopodiella alopecuroides Foxtail Clubmoss (North and South America)
    • Lycopodiella appressa Southern clubmoss, Appressed Bog Clubmoss (eastern North America, Cuba)
    • Lycopodiella bradei (Brazil)
    • Lycopodiella brevibracteata (New Guinea)
    • Lycopodiella brevipedunculata (New Guinea)
    • Lycopodiella camporum (northern South America)
    • Lycopodiella carnosa (Brazil)
    • Lycopodiella caroliniana Slender Clubmoss or Carolina Clubmoss (northern South America, Central America, southeastern North America, central and southern Africa)
    • Lycopodiella cernua Nodding Clubmoss (cosmopolitan, tropical to warm temperate)
    • Lycopodiella contexta (central South America)
    • Lycopodiella descendens (central western South America (Ecuador, Peru))
    • Lycopodiella diffusa (Tasmania, New Zealand)
    • Lycopodiella ericina (New Guinea)

    Lycopodiella - Chi Lycopodiella 220px Lycopodiella inundata 001


    Lycopodiella inundata

    • Lycopodiella geometra (Brazil (Minas Gerais))
    • Lycopodiella glaucescens (northwestern South America, Central America)
    • Lycopodiella hainanense (southern China (Guangdong, Hainan))
    • Lycopodiella hydrophylla (New Guinea)
    • Lycopodiella inundata Marsh Clubmoss or Bog Clubmoss (circumpolar cool temperate)
    • Lycopodiella iuliformis (northeastern South America)
    • Lycopodiella lateralis (eastern Australia, New Zealand)
    • Lycopodiella lehmannii (South America (Colombia))
    • Lycopodiella limosa (northern Queensland)
    • Lycopodiella margueritae Northern Prostrate Clubmoss (Michigan)
    • Lycopodiella mariana (Philippines)
    • Lycopodiella pendulina (northern South America, Central America)
    • Lycopodiella prostrata Feather Stem Clubmoss (southeastern United States)
    • Lycopodiella pungens (Borneo, Sumbawa)
    • Lycopodiella raiateense (Society Islands)
    • Lycopodiella riofrioi (northern South America, Central America)
    • Lycopodiella salakensis (Java)
    • Lycopodiella serpentina (Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand)
    • Lycopodiella steyermarkii (northern South America, Central America)
    • Lycopodiella subappressa Northern Appressed Clubmoss (Michigan)
    • Lycopodiella suffruticosa (New Guinea)
    • Lycopodiella tomentosa (New Guinea)
    • Lycopodiella torta (Martinique)
    • Lycopodiella trianae (Colombia, Ecuador)

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