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    Species from this Genus – Các cây trong Chi này:


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    Illustration Najas marina0.jpg  Najas - Chi Najas 220px Illustration Najas marina0
    Najas marina[1]
    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Plantae
    (unranked): Angiosperms
    (unranked): Monocots
    Order: Alismatales
    Family: Hydrocharitaceae[2][3][4][5]
    Subfamily: Hydrilloideae
    Genus: Najas
    L. (1753)
    • Fluvialis Ség
    • Caulinia Willd.
    • Ittnera C.C.Gmel.

    Najas, the water-nymphs[7] or naiads, is a genus of aquatic plants. It is cosmopolitan in distribution, first described for modern science by Linnaeus in 1753. Until 1997, it was rarely placed in the Hydrocharitaceae,[2][3] and was often taken as constituting (by itself) the family Najadaceae.[8]

    The APG II system, of 2003 (unchanged from the APG system, of 1998), places the genus in family Hydrocharitaceae, in the order Alismatales of the monocots.[5]

    1. Najas affinis Rendle – South America, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau
    2. Najas ancistrocarpa A.Braun ex Magnus – China, Japan, Taiwan
    3. Najas arguta Kunth – Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, South America
    4. Najas australis Bory ex Rendle – India, Madagascar, Mauritius, KwaZulu-Natal, Seychelles
    5. Najas baldwinii Horn – West Africa
    6. Najas brevistyla Rendle – Assam
    7. Najas browniana Rendle – southern China, India, Taiwan, Java, Cavern Island in Northern Territory of Australia
    8. Najas chinensis N.Z.Wang – Primorye, China, Taiwan, Japan
    9. Najas conferta (A.Braun) A.Braun – Cuba, Hispaniola, Panama, Brazil
    10. Najas faveolata A. Br. ex Magnus
    11. Najas filifolia R.R.Haynes – southeastern United States (Georgia, Alabama, Florida)
    12. Najas flexilis (Willd.) Rostk. & W.L.E. Schmidt (1824) – temperate Northern Hemisphere
    13. Najas gracillima (A.Braun ex Engelm.) Magnus – Asia, North America
    14. Najas graminea Delile (1813) – Africa, Asia, New Guinea, Melanesia, northern Australia; naturalized in California and parts of Europe
    15. Najas grossareolata L.Triest – Sri Lanka
    16. Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus – North and South America, Caribbean
    17. Najas hagerupii Horn – Ghana, Mali
    18. Najas halophila L.Triest – Java, New Guinea, Queensland
    19. Najas heteromorpha Griff. ex Voigt – eastern India
    20. Najas horrida A.Braun ex Magnus – Africa, Madagascar, Sinai
    21. Najas indica (Willd.) Cham. (1829) – Indian Subcontinent, China, Southeast Asia, New Guinea
    22. Najas kurziana Rendle – Bihar, East Timor
    23. Najas madagascariensis Rendle – Madagascar; naturalized in Mauritius
    24. Najas malesiana Wilde – India, Bangladesh, Indochina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines; naturalized in eastern Brazil
    25. Najas marina L. (1753) – widespread and nearly cosmopolitan
    26. Najas minor All. (1773) – widespread in Europe, Asia, Africa; naturalized in eastern North America
    27. Najas oguraensis Miki – East Asia, Himalayas (Pakistan, Nepal, northern India)
    28. Najas pectinata (Parl.) Magnus – Sahara
    29. Najas pseudogracillima L.Triest – Hong Kong
    30. Najas rigida Griff. – eastern India
    31. Najas schweinfurthii Magnus – Senegal, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania
    32. Najas tenuicaulis Miki – Honshu Island in Japan
    33. Najas tenuifolia R.Br. – Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Australia
    34. Najas tenuis Magnus – India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar
    35. Najas tenuissima (A.Braun ex Magnus) Magnus – Finland, Russia, Hokkaido
    36. Najas testui Rendle – western + central Africa
    37. Najas welwitschii Rendle – tropical Africa, western India
    38. Najas wrightiana A.Braun – Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Bahamas, Venezuela; naturalized in Florida


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