Nymphoides – Chi Nymphoides

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    Species from this Genus – Các cây trong Chi này:


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    Nymphoides ezannoi (aka).jpg  Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 220px Nymphoides ezannoi  28aka 29
    Nymphoides ezannoi
    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Plantae
    (unranked): Angiosperms
    (unranked): Eudicots
    (unranked): Asterids
    Order: Asterales
    Family: Menyanthaceae
    Genus: Nymphoides
    Ség. 1754
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    Nymphoides, or floatingheart,[1] is a genus of aquatic flowering plants in the family Menyanthaceae. The genus name refers to their resemblance to the water lily Nymphaea. Nymphoides are aquatic plants with submerged roots and floating leaves that hold the small flowers above the water surface. Flowers are sympetalous, most often divided into five lobes (petals). The petals are either yellow or white, and may be adorned with lateral wings or covered in small hairs. The inflorescence consists of either an umbellate cluster of flowers or a lax raceme, with internodes occurring between generally paired flowers.

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 160px Nymphoides indica2


    flower of Nymphoides indica

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 160px Nymphoides ezannoi   blossom  28aka 29


    flower of Nymphoides ezannoi

    Species of Nymphoides are sold as aquarium plants, including the “banana plant”, N. aquatica and the “water snowflake”, N. indica. Species native to the United States are N. cordata in the northeast and N. aquatica in the southeast. Nymphoides peltata is native to Europe and Asia, but can be found in the United States as an invasive aquatic weed. The non-native species N. cristata and N. indica also reportedly occur in Florida (Jacono 2000).

    Nymphoides hydrophylla slim stem (spear) are used as vegetable at Meinong District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

    Numerous species of Nymphoides grow in Australia, and others exist in Africa, America, and Asia.


    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 180px Nymphoides indica1


    Nymphoides indica

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 180px Nymphoides aquatica


    Nymphoides aquatica

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 180px Nymphoides cordata 7066


    Nymphoides cordata

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 180px NymphoidesPeltata flower2 hr


    Nymphoides peltata

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 180px Nymphoides coreana


    Nymphoides coreana

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 180px Nymphoides hydrophylla


    Nymphoides hydrophylla

    Nymphoides - Chi Nymphoides 180px Nymphoides krishnakesara 13


    Nymphoides krishnakesara

    There are approximately 50 species of Nymphoides, including:


    • Nymphoides indica (L.) Kuntze


    • Nymphoides bosseri A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides brevipedicellata (Vatke) A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides elegans A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides ezannoi Berhaut
    • Nymphoides forbesiana (Griseb.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides guineensis A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides humilis A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides milnei A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides moratiana A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides rautaneni (N.E.Br.) A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides tenuissima A.Raynal
    • Nymphoides thunbergiana (Griseb.) Kuntze

    North America:

    • Nymphoides aquatica (J.F.Gmel.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides cordata (Elliott) Fernald

    Central and South America:

    • Nymphoides fallax Ornduff
    • Nymphoides flaccida L.Sm.
    • Nymphoides grayana (Griseb.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides herzogii A.Galàn-Mera & G.Navarro
    • Nymphoides humboldtiana (Kunth) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides microphylla (A.St.-Hil.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides verrucosa (R.E.Fries)A.Galàn-Mera & G.Navarro


    • Nymphoides peltata (S.G.Gmel.) Kuntze


    • Nymphoides coreana (Léveille) Hara
    • Nymphoides hastata (Dop) Kerr
    • Nymphoides hydrophylla (Lour.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides krishnakesara K.T.Joseph & Sivar.
    • Nymphoides lungtanensis S.P.Li, T.H.Hsieh & C.C.Lin
    • Nymphoides macrosperma Vasudevan
    • Nymphoides siamensis (Ostenf.) Kerr
    • Nymphoides sivarajanii K.T.Joseph
    • Nymphoides tonkinensis (Dop) P.H.Ho

    Asia and Australia:

    • Nymphoides aurantiaca (Dalzell) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides parvifolia (Wall.) Kuntze


    • Nymphoides beaglensis Aston
    • Nymphoides crenata (F.Muell.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides disperma Aston
    • Nymphoides elliptica Aston
    • Nymphoides exigua (F.Muell.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides exiliflora (F.Muell.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides furculifolia Specht
    • Nymphoides geminata (R.Br.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides hydrocharioides (F.Muell.) Kuntze
    • Nymphoides montana Aston
    • Nymphoides planosperma Aston
    • Nymphoides quadriloba Aston
    • Nymphoides simulans Aston
    • Nymphoides spinulosperma Aston
    • Nymphoides spongiosa Aston
    • Nymphoides stygia (J.M.Black) H.Eichler
    • Nymphoides subacuta Aston
    • Nymphoides triangularis Aston


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    • Nymphoides minima