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    Rorippa amphibia.jpg  Rorippa - Chi Rorippa 220px Rorippa amphibia
    Rorippa amphibia
    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Plantae
    (unranked): Angiosperms
    (unranked): Eudicots
    (unranked): Rosids
    Order: Brassicales
    Family: Brassicaceae
    Genus: Rorippa
    75–85; see text

    Rorippa is a flowering plant genus in the mustard family, Brassicaceae, native to Europe through central Asia, Africa, and North America. Rorippa species are annual to perennial herbs, usually with yellow flowers and a peppery flavour. They are known commonly as yellowcresses.

    Rorippa formerly included several species of watercress, now placed in the genus Nasturtium. In particular, R. nasturtium-aquaticum (now N. officinale) and R. microphylla (now N. microphyllum) are often referred to as species of Rorippa.

    There are about 75[1] to 85[2][3] species in the genus.

    Species include:[1][4][5][6][7]

    Rorippa - Chi Rorippa 220px Rorippa sylvestris flowering 01


    Rorippa sylvestris

    • Rorippa alpina (S.Wats.) Rydb. – alpine yellowcress
    • Rorippa amphibia (L.) Bess. – great yellowcress
    • Rorippa aquatica – lakecress
    • Rorippa austriaca (Crantz) Bess. – Austrian yellowcress, Austrian fieldgrass
    • Rorippa barbareifolia (DC.) Kitagawa – hoary yellowcress
    • Rorippa benghalensis
    • Rorippa calycina (Engel.) Rydb. – persistent-sepal yellowcress
    • Rorippa cantoniensis – Chinese yellowcress
    • Rorippa columbiae (Suksd. ex B.L.Rob.) Suksd. ex Howell – Columbian yellowcress, Columbia watercress
    • Rorippa crystallina – MacKenzie River yellowcress
    • Rorippa curvipes Greene – bluntleaf yellowcress
    • Rorippa curvisiliqua (Hook.) Besser ex Britton – curvepod yellowcress, western yellowcress
    • Rorippa dubia
    • Rorippa elata
    • Rorippa globosa – globe yellowcress
    • Rorippa indica Hiern. – variableleaf yellowcress
    • Rorippa intermedia – intermediate yellowcress
    • Rorippa islandica – northern yellowcress, northern marsh yellowcress
    • Rorippa microtitis – Chihuahuan yellowcress
    • Rorippa palustris (L.) Bess. – common yellowcress, yellow watercress, marshcress
    • Rorippa portoricensis – Puerto Rico yellowcress
    • Rorippa ramosa – Durango yellowcress
    • Rorippa sarmentosa (G.Forst. ex DC) J.F.Macbr. – longrunner
    • Rorippa sessiliflora – stalkless yellowcress
    • Rorippa sinuata (Nutt.) Hitchc. – spreading yellowcress, west yellowcress
    • Rorippa sphaerocarpa (A.Gray) Britton – roundfruit yellowcress
    • Rorippa subumbellata Rollins – Tahoe yellowcress, Lake Tahoe yellowcress
    • Rorippa sylvestris (L.) Bess. – creeping yellowcress, yellow fieldcress, keek
    • Rorippa tenerrima – Modoc yellowcress
    • Rorippa teres – southern marsh yellowcress


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