Triglochin – Chi Triglochin

    Triglochin - Chi Triglochin Triglochin aquaticum genus freshwater aquarium plants 600 x 600
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    Triglochium palustris BotGartBln310505.JPG  Triglochin - Chi Triglochin 220px Triglochium palustris BotGartBln310505
    Triglochin palustris
    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Plantae
    (unranked): Angiosperms
    (unranked): Monocots
    Order: Alismatales
    Family: Juncaginaceae
    Genus: Triglochin
    • Juncago Ség.
    • Lilaea Bonpl.
    • Tristemon Raf. 1819 not Raf. 1838 (Juncaceae) nor Klotzsch 1838 (Ericaceae) nor Scheele 1848 (Cucurbitaceae)[1]
    • Abbotia Raf.
    • Heterostylus Hook.
    • Hexaglochin Nieuwl.

    Triglochin is a genus in the family Juncaginaceae described as a genus by Linnaeus in 1753.[3][4] It is very nearly cosmopolitan in distribution, with species on every continent except Antarctica. North America has four accepted species, two of which can also be found in Europe: Triglochin palustris (marsh arrowgrass) and Triglochin maritima (sea arrowgrass).[5][6] Australia has many more.[2][7]

    The most widely used common name for the genus is arrowgrass,[8] although these plants are not really grasses. Many of the common names for species make use of the term “arrowgrass”, although there are exceptions: T. procera, for example, is commonly known as water ribbons.

    Arrowgrasses are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Grey Chi.

    • Triglochin barrelieri – Mediterranean
    • Triglochin buchenaui – Cape Province
    • Triglochin bulbosa – Cape Province
    • Triglochin calcitrapa – Western Australia
    • Triglochin centrocarpa – Australia
    • Triglochin compacta – Cape Province
    • Triglochin elongata – Cape Province, KwaZulu-Natal
    • Triglochin gaspensis – E Canada (Nfl NB PEI NS Qbc), Maine
    • Triglochin hexagona – Australia
    • Triglochin isingiana – Australia
    • Triglochin laxiflora – Mediterranean
    • Triglochin longicarpa – Western Australia
    • Triglochin maritima – Europe, Asia, North America, Algeria, Tunisia, Chile, Argentina
    • Triglochin mexicana – C + S Mexico
    • Triglochin milnei – from Tanzania to Angola + KwaZulu-Natal
    • Triglochin minutissima – Australia
    • Triglochin mucronata – Australia
    • Triglochin muelleri – Australia
    • Triglochin palustris – Europe, Asia, North America, Algeria, Morocco, Chile, Argentina
    • Triglochin protuberans – Western Australia
    • Triglochin scilloides – W Canada (BC Alb Sas), W United States (WAOR CA NV MT), Mexico, South America
    • Triglochin stowardii – Western Australia
    • Triglochin striata – Australia, New Zealand, Africa, United States, Bahamas, Cuba, South America
    • Triglochin trichophora – Australia
    • Triglochin turrifera – Australia
    formerly included

    now in other genera: Bulbine, Cycnogeton and Tetroncium

    • Triglochin alcockiaeCycnogeton alcockiae – Australia
    • Triglochin dubiaCycnogeton dubium – Australia, New Guinea
    • Triglochin huegeliiCycnogeton huegelii – Western Australia
    • Triglochin linearisCycnogeton lineare – Western Australia
    • Triglochin magellanicaTetroncium magellanicum – Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Is, Gough I
    • Triglochin maundiiMaundia triglochinoides – Australia
    • Triglochin microtuberosaCycnogeton microtuberosum – Australia
    • Triglochin multifructaCycnogeton multifructum – Australia
    • Triglochin procera – Cycnogeton procerum Australia
    • Triglochin pterocarpaCycnogeton dubium – Australia, New Guinea
    • Triglochin racemosaBulbine semibarbata – Australia
    • Triglochin reflexaTetroncium magellanicum – Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Is, Gough I
    • Triglochin rheophilaCycnogeton rheophilum – Australia
    • Triglochin triglochinoidesMaundia triglochinoides – Australia


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